From compelling copy to strategic ideas, I just might be your guy.

I'm here to give you carefully crafted, convincing copy – based on a thorough understanding of your business – to strengthen your position, boost your likeability, or change your audience’s behaviour.

My approach to working with my clients is to keep it simple. Because nobody knows your business better than you. I know you've heard it before, and you know it's true. 

As for myself? I've devoted a big part of my life to copywriting,  teaming up with hundreds of clients and learning something new every day. Together, we could be a dream team.

Reach out today and I promise you'll have the first draft in your mailbox before you know it. And that first draft? It will likely be the final version. Because I like to start with that one. 



I'll write your copy from scratch or copify anything that you've already got. Swedish and English works equally well, of course, and if you want I'll write a copy sample before we even begin – so that we'll quickly establish your tone of voice.



I think of communication concepts almost like creating an idea world, with its own set of rules, to take your audience on a transformational journey. Yeah, I know how that sounds, but trust me – with a great concept as a platfom, it's easier to get your message across in a memorable way.



As a copywriter, I take a strategic approach to communication, and I'm happy to help you with your overall communications strategy. In fact, this is usually a good place to start. Just put my analytical mind to work, and see what happens next. And where we'll go from there.